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10 Tips for the Perfect Micro Wedding

  1. Choose a meaningful venue - a place that holds special significance to you and your partner.

  2. Prioritize the guest list - only invite people who are truly important to you.

  3. Keep the atmosphere relaxed - make sure your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

  4. Have a plan for transportation - if you’re having a destination wedding, make sure you have a way for your guests to get there.

  5. Make sure your decorations are meaningful - use décor that reflects your personality and your relationship.

  6. Save money with a reception alternative, like a dessert bar or have dinner at a restaurant after your ceremony.

  7. Get creative with entertainment - live music, a photo booth, or a game night are all great ideas.

  8. Find ways to make your ceremony special - include meaningful readings and rituals.

  9. Don’t forget the favors - your guests will appreciate a small token to remember the day.

  10. Don’t forget to have fun - it’s your day and you should enjoy it to the fullest!

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